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Reactive Power | Harmonics | Unbalanced Compensation

STATCOM – Step Less Compensation Technology:

Equipped with IGBT that are controlled by Pulse Width(PWM) this is capable of both generating and consuming reactive power. STATCOM can be considered a voltage source behind a reactance. It generates and absorbs reactive power by electronically processing voltage and current wave-forms in a voltage source converter (the grid views it as a synchronous machine without inertia). As a result, capacitor banks and shunt reactors are not needed for STATCOM to generate and absorb reactive power, which enables a compact design and small footprint.

IPC150-SCOM other than managing the reactive power helps relieve the system from negative sequence current caused by unbalanced loads. Thus IPC150-SCOM makes the system steady and reliable by eliminative both reactive power and negative sequence current. Since IPC150-SCOM achieves this through a simulated load there is no real need for capacitors or inductors resulting in a small foot print. IPC150-SCOM uses a very high speed DSP (Digital Signal Processing Methodology) to provide a fast and instantaneous response in less than one power cycle combined with a superior steady state performance and control characteristics

Statcom Applications

IPC150-SCOM is suitable to be used in the following cases:
  • i. Inductive and capacitive loads
  • ii. Harmonic and unbalanced loads
  • iii. Single phase and three phase applications
  • iv. LV networks
  • v. MV networks with step-up transformer
  • vi. Industrial load fed by weak networks

Statcom Features:

1. Supports single and three phase applications:

IPC150-SCOM supports fast reactive power and harmonics compensation, for a single and three phase network. Additionally it manages the unbalanced load compensation for a three phase network.

2. Works with parallel capacitor banks:

IPC150-SCOM offers a dynamic range from –Q to +Q kvar. It can work with a fixed capacitor/de-tuned filter banks to support a higher kvar increasing the dynamic range to 0 to 2Q kvar. It also controls the parallel filter banks for energy efficient operation.

3. Efficient operation:

IPC150-SCOM through it’s sleep mode conservers energy by automatically switching off the system there by increasing the life time of the components and reducing the energy consumption. The system on sleep mode constantly monitors for any load variation and starts to work with the rated kvar in 5-6 power cycles.

Key Benefits

1. <1 ms Reaction time: Instantaneous reaction through our high speed DSP based control system.

2. Unity Power factor : System maintains unity power factor within the rated capacity of the STATCOM.

3.No capacitor banks or shunt reactors: With Injection ability of -100% inductive to +100% capacitive there is no need for capacitor banks or shut reactors. But allows using capacitors in Fixed mode to extend the range.

4. Harmonics Filtering: 4-Selectable Harmonics Filtering: (From 3rd to 13th Major Order Harmonics).

5. Total power quality compensation:
  • a. Dynamic reactive power
  • b. Unbalanced load

6. Improving voltage profile

7. Reduction of system losses

8. Meeting the utility regulation and harmonic compliances

9. Great uses for dynamic loads in weak networks/Island mode.

Product Line

Model No. Ratings** Voltage Phase Dimension (WXDXH) mm Weight (Kgs)
IPC150-SCOM-150-V415 +/- 150 kvar 415 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 500
IPC150-SCOM-250-V415 +/- 250 kvar 415 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 650
IPC150-SCOM-300-V415 +/- 300 kvar 415 V 3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 700
IPC150-SCOM-500-V415 +/- 500 kvar 415 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 1200 X 1000 X 2000 1000
IPC150-SCOM-150-V690 +/- 150 kvar) 690 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 500
IPC150-SCOM-250-V690 +/- 250 kvar 690 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 650
IPC150-SCOM-300-V690 +/- 300 kvar 690 V 3-Ph 800 X 800 X 2000 700
IPC150-SCOM-500-V690 +/- 500 kvar 690 V 1-Ph /3-Ph 1200 X 1000 X 2000 1000
IPC150-SCOM-750-V690 +/- 750 kvar 690 V 3-Ph 1500 X 1000 X 2000 1400
IPC150-SCOM-1000-V690 +/- 1000 kvar 690 V 3-Ph 2500 X 1000 X 2000 2000

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For HV applications, IPC150-SCOM supports operation through step-down transformer.
“For technical specification of product Statcom please visit download tab”

Active Harmonic Filter

Harmonic | Power Factor Correction | Unbalanced Compensation

IPC150-AHF Series is an IGBT Based instantaneous current source converter. This IGBT Based system mitigates the Harmonics by generating Anti-Harmonics into the system and thereby cancelling the Harmonics present in the system.IPC150-AHF Series can not only compensate Harmonics but also for reactive power and unbalanced current loads (Negative Sequence). This makes it a highly efficient Power Quality Equipment.

Applications and Industries

IPC150-AHF Series Filters are one of the top notch active filters available in the electrical industry for power quality improvement. This is widely used in various industries including but not limited to

  • IT & Data Centre Industries
  • Commercial Buildings / Malls / Hotels / Hospitals
  • Cement Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Steel Industries – Rolling Mills/Furnaces
  • Food & Beverage
  • Petro-Chemical and other Chemical Industries
  • Textile Industries & Other Process Industries

Active Harmonic Filters “THE SOLUTION”

IPC150-AHF Series is an IGBT Based instantaneous voltage source converter. This IGBT Based system mitigates the Harmonics by generating Anti -Harmonics into the system and there by cancelling the Harmonics present in the system. IPC150-AHF Series can not only compensate Harmonics but also for reactive power and unbalanced current loads (Negative Sequence). This makes it a highly efficient Power Quality Equipment.

Apart from harmonics compensation, the InPhase IPC150 offers two more important function in power quality one is fast dynamic reactive power compensation both for Inductive and Capacitive mode to maintain the desired Power Factor to meet the Grid guide lines and get the maximum benefit for the Users. Another important function is to reduce the Load unbalance, which mainly causes due two phase connected load.

  • Selective harmonics filtering
  • High Speed reaction time of <0.5ms
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Unbalance compensation
  • Closed loop control for precise and effective filtering
  • Filtering efficiency >97%
  • 100 A to 900A in a single cubicle
  • Supports up to 32 units in Modular master/slave configuration
  • Programmable power factor compensation
  • Direct connection from 200 to 690V*

Advantages Active Filter:
  • Filters up to 25th Harmonic
  • Closed loop control for best accuracy
  • Not Over loadable
  • Filters without generation of reactive power/li>
  • Added function of reactive power compensation
  • Additional unbalanced compensation
  • Fast response time
  • Small foot print
  • Doesn’t require special CT’s
  • Programmable power factor
  • Suitable for G5/4 or IEEE-519 standards or utility regulator.

Product Line

Model No. Harmonic Phase Current* Voltage Dimension(WXDXH) mm Weight (Kgs)
IPC150-AHF-150A-V415 150 A 415 V 800 X 800 X 2150 520
IPC150-AHF-300A-V415 300 A 415 V 800 X 800 X 2150 640
IPC150-AHF-450A-V415 450 A 415 V 800 X 800 X 2150 640
IPC150-AHF-600A-V415 600 A 415 V 1500 X 800 X 2150 850
IPC150-AHF-900A-V415 900 A 415 V 1500 X 800 X 2150 1000
IPC150-AHF-100A-V690 100 A 690 V 800 X 800 X 2150 520
IPC150-AHF-200-V690 200 A 690 V 800 X 800 X 2150 640
IPC150-AHF-300-V690 300 A 690 V 800 X 800 X 2150 640
IPC150-AHF-600-V690 600 A 690 V 1500 X 800 X 2150 1000

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“For technical specification of product Statcom please visit download tab”

Voltage Conditioner

Voltage Sag | Voltage Harmonics | Voltage Unbalance

DVR is an IGBT based converter system connected in series between the utility grid and to the load. It protects the load from the voltage disturbance by providing fast, accurate voltage correction for the sag, swell and harmonics, as well as maintain the continuous load voltage regulation. The load voltage is continuously monitored and controlled to supply the rated voltage for the load, it requires no energy storage as it draws additional power from the grid to perform its desired action.

How it Work


Typical installation industries include but not limited to

  • Sensitive tooling & machinery
  • Process industry
  • Robotic welding, painting etc
  • Cranes
  • Fiber production and other endless/non -stop processes
  • Supercomputers (R&D, TV, audio, universities, e.g.)
  • Semiconductor plants

Product Advantages
  • Regulates the output voltage continuously for the input voltage sag of 3 phase.
  • Eliminates the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 13th order voltage harmonics from the grid voltage to the load.
  • No energy storage is required
  • Higher efficiency in comparison to UPS
  • Operates at higher speed then servo stabilizers


Renewable Energy | Energy Storage System | Custom Application

InPhase converters are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability and comply with the strictest grid codes. Built for easy maintenance, optimized to be compatible with all generator technologies and suitable for on and offshore applications. Our converters are known for their high degree of reliability and quality. The converter consists of the Power Unit and the Control Unit. The Power Unit through an inverter bridge consisting of IGBT switches produces symmetrical, three-phase PWM modulated AC voltage to the grid. The control unit is a high performance DSP based microprocessor with advanced controls. The controls system applies the control based on the input received through the feedback system. The processer calculates the IGBT states dynamically and switches the IGBT accordingly to produce the desired output.


Typical installation industries include but not limited to:

  • Wind mill and Wind farms
  • Solar Power
  • High power motors
  • Energy Storage
  • Other special applications

  • Produces high-quality power
  • Reliable and durable (low maintenance)
  • High level of automation and connectivity
  • Easily expandable and customizable solution
  • Easy monitoring and control
  • Expert service and support available
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Grid friendly
  • Uses new generation semiconductors
  • Easy user interface


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