Electrical & Industrial Automations


Technological innovation and the development of state-of-arts products are key dynamics in our competitiveness strategy

  • Automation panels
  • Relay & Control panels
  • RIO panels
  • Control Desks
  • Genset Control Panels
  • Engine Control Panels
  • Synchronizing panels
  • Mimic panels
  • Instrumentation panels
  • NGR/NGT panels
  • LV Panels

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SCADA/DCS Solutions

Design, engineering, development of PC based & operator SCADA solution for Substations, Switchyards, Power & Process plants.

- Vijeo citect - Schneider - WinCC – Siemens
- Intouch - Wonderware - Magelis - Schneider

SCADA for Process Plant

SCADA for Diesel/Gas Engine

SCADA For Hydro Power Plant

SCADA for Sub Station-Switchyards

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Protecting Relaying

Testing & Protective relaying co-ordination for power plants & power systems.

              System study - By ETAP Power Software
# Load Analysis # Harmonic Analysis
# Sequence of Operation of Relays # Motor Acceleration Analysis
# Short Circuit Study

              Testing of Relays, CT’s & PT’s

# By Primary/Secondary current injection method

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Excitation Control Systems

Digital excitation control systems for synchronous machines ranging mini to large size, for various types of conventional & non-conventional power plants i.e. Hydro, Thermal, Gas, Diesel etc...

According to machine type:
  • Direct excitation system
  • Brushless excitation

According to Power Supply:
  • AC auxiliary sourced
  • DC auxiliary sourced
  • Auto-powered from the machine

According to applications:
  • Single channel
  • Dual redundant channels

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Governing Control Systems

Digital & analog governing control systems for various types of engines & turbines for power plants i.e. Hydro, Thermal, Gas Diesel etc..

Control systems for:
  • Hydraulic governing
  • Electronic governing
  • Motorized governing

According to Control Philosophy:
  • Electronic governor controllers
  • PLC based system

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Sub- Stations

Design, engineering, manufacturing and assembling of control panels and protection systems for Substations & Switchyards.

We also undertake Turnkey Projects

  • Sub-station equipments
  • Protection panels relay
  • Sub- control panels station
  • Remote monitoring

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